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We find investors and coaches for hydrogen and carbon capture startups

HydrogenEnterprise work with sustainable energy, hydrogen and carbon capture investors in the US and Japan. We are focused on introducing debt and equity finance to global energy transition startups. Our network of investors includes, Multinationals, Wall Street banks, VC funds and Impact investors.

HydrogenEnterprise have a large network of brokers, introducers, scouts and partners in the US, Singapore and U.K.

Our global scouts are always on the look out for exciting hydrogen and CCUS startups and particularly fuel cell developers.

Oil and Gas UK policy manager Will Webster said in The Engineer site.

“Many energy transition technologies are an opportunity for existing oil and gas businesses;
“Offshore wind (fixed and floating), carbon capture and hydrogen are all areas which have transferable skills and expertise from the offshore oil and gas sector including project management, safety disciplines, operations, subsurface data analysis and logistics”
Experienced Oil & Gas professionals already have most of the skills they need for a transition to the hydrogen economy.
Learn the skills you need to implement a Green Hydrogen Roadmap focusing on the development of studies and projects to promote businesses related to the production, storage, transportation and use of green hydrogen and its derivatives.
What are the emerging opportunities for startups , scale-ups and anyone looking for a career change?

HydrogenEnterprise consultants help with your pitch deck.

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